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MARINER outboards decals

1999 - 2000 Mariner Outboard four stroke decal set - 50 hp - Red decal kit set decals
1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 
40hp 45hp 50hp hp horsepower horse power 
cowl cover engine cowling

826338A98 DECAL SET Gray 50
826338A98 DECAL SET Gray 50 Bigfoot
854694A98 DECAL SET Gray 40
828786A98 DECAL SET Gray 45

1 825239T 3 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Black
1 825239T 4 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Silver


1F44412WF ELPT 4
1F45412TF ELPT 4
1F45412WF ELPT 4
1F50352UD EL 4
1F50352VD EL-BF 4
1F50352WD EL-BF 4
1F50411SD ELHPT 4
1F50411TD ELHPT 4
1F50411UD ELHPT 4
1F50411UN ELHPT 4
1F50411VD ELHPT 4
1F50411VN ELHPT 4
1F50411WD ELHPT 4
1F50411WN ELHPT 4
1F50412RD ELPT 4
1F50412SD ELPT 4
1F50412SF ELPT 4
1F50412TD ELPT 4
1F50412UD ELPT 4
1F50412UN ELPT 4
1F50412VD ELPT 4
1F50412VE ELPT 4
1F50412VN ELPT 4
1F50412WD ELPT 4
1F50412WN ELPT 4
1F50452UD ELPT-BF 4
1F50452UN ELPT-BF 4
1F50452VD ELPT-BF 4
1F50452VE ELPT-BF 4
1F50452VN ELPT-BF 4
1F50452WB ELPT-BF 4
1F50452WD ELPT-BF 4
1F50452WN ELPT-BF 4
1F51412WE ELPT 4
1F51452YB ELPT-BF 4
7F41452KD ELPT-BF 4
7F45412EF ELPT 4
7F45412FF ELPT 4
7F50352GD EL 4
7F50352HD EL-BF 4
7F50352JD EL-BF 4
7F50411ED ELHPT 4
7F50411FD ELHPT 4
7F50411GD ELHPT 4
7F50411HD ELHPT 4
7F50411JD ELHPT 4
7F50412DD ELPT 4
7F50412ED ELPT 4
7F50412FD ELPT 4
7F50412GD ELPT 4
7F50412HD ELPT 4
7F50412JD ELPT 4
7F50452FD ELPT 4
7F50452GD ELPT-BF 4
7F50452HD ELPT-BF 4
7F50452JB ELPT-BF 4
7F50452JD ELPT-BF 4
7F51452KB ELPT-BF 4

Mariner Outboard decals for your Mariner Outboard engine, decals are made on cast vinyl with solvent ink print UV protected and laminate.

826338A98 DECAL SET Gray 50 hp

This decal set fit covers from 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001, 40 hp, 45hp and 50 horsepower cowl.

1 825239T 3 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Black
1 825239T 4 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Silver


60 50 45 40 30

1043203AD M
1043203CD M
1043203DD M
1043203VD M
1043203VE M
1043203WD M
1043203YD M
1043203ZD M
1043213AD ML
1043213CD ML
1043213DD ML
1043213VD ML
1043213VE ML
1043213WD ML
1043213YD ML
1043213ZD ML
1043302AD EO
1043302CD EO
1043302DD EO
1043302VD EO
1043302WD EO
1043302YD EO
1043302ZD EO
10433120B ELO
10433124B ELO
1043312AB ELO
1043312AD ELO
1043312CB ELO
1043312VB ELO
1043312VD ELO
1043312VN ELO
1043312WB ELO
1043312WD ELO
1043312WN ELO
1043312YB ELO
1043312YD ELO
1043312ZB ELO
1043312ZD ELO
1043372VD JET 30
1043372WD JET 30
1043372YD JET 30
1043411AD ELHPTO
1043411CD ELHPTO
1043411DD ELHPTO
1043411VD ELHPTO
1043411VN ELHPTO
1043411WD ELHPTO
1043411WN ELHPTO
1043411YD ELHPTO
1043411ZD ELHPTO
10434120B ELPTO
10434124B ELPTO
1043412AB ELPTO
1043412AD ELPTO
1043412AN ELPTO
1043412CB ELPTO
1043412CD ELPTO
1043412DB ELPTO
1043412DD ELPTO
1043412VB ELPTO
1043412VD ELPTO
1043412VN ELPTO
1043412WB ELPTO
1043412WD ELPTO
1043412WN ELPTO
1043412YB ELPTO
1043412YD ELPTO
1043412YN ELPTO
1043412ZB ELPTO
1043412ZD ELPTO
1043412ZN ELPTO
10503020B EO
10503024B EO
1050302AB EO
1050302CB EO
1050302DB EO
1050302FB EO
1050302FD EO
1050302VB EO
1050312DB ELO
1050312FB ELO
1050411DD ELHPTO
1050411FD ELHPTO
1050412DB ELPTO
1050412DD ELPTO
1050412DN ELPTO
1050412FB ELPTO
1050412FD ELPTO
1050412FF ELPTO
1A414123B ELPT 4
1A41412AB ELPT 4
1A41412AF ELPT 4
1A41412CB ELPT 4
1A41412CF ELPT 4
1A41412DB ELPT 4
1A41412ZB ELPT 4
1A41412ZE ELPT 4
1A41412ZF ELPT 4
1A414523B ELPT-BF 4

825239T 4 TOP COWL ASSEMBLY Silver

All other hp and Blue set version available upon request.

1999-2000 Mariner 50 hp Four Stroke Decal set Red

Mariner outboard decal set custom made on red for 50 hp Mariner Outboards from 1999 to 2000.

Price: US$ 75.00

You get the following decals:

  • Mariner Logo - Front Side
  • Mariner decal - Front Side
  • 50 hp decal - Front Side
  • Mariner Four Stroke wrapping around decal
  • 50 hp decal - Rear Side

All decals set over a clear transfer tape for easy installation.

Want to order this same set for your engine?
Send us an email if you want to order this same decal set for other hp rating, make sure to provide the lenght of the full wrapping around decal to make a set for you.

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