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Before you submit you order, use this application to get a standardized version of the address.
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We ship orders to the address provided on your payment only.

Shipping and Handling

Order will be processed next day after payment completed.

Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges, including returns.

We deliver orders worldwide, price and delivery time may vary depends destination.

To calculate our charges please, add the items to buy at your shopping cart Add to Cart when you get in to "Your Shopping Cart" page at PayPal, shipping charges will be calculated once you enter your destination, if you want to see those charges before you checkout, please click on "change" hyperlink right next to the total of your order. and enter your destination.

Free Shipping to all U.S.A. orders

Shipping charges chart

Domestic orders: All charges are calculated by the total price of your order.

FREE SHIPPING to all U.S.A. orders. All free shipping orders will be sent via USPS First Class Mail, delivery time is 5-7 days. Not valid for custom orders. Offer for limited time only and only is valid for first attempt sending you order, if order returns beacause Invalid address, customer assume shipping and handling charges for the order to be resent.

Delivery Service

U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail
5-7 Days

U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail
2-3 Days
U.S. Postal Service Express Mail
Next Day (24 hours)

ups logo overnightUPS Overnight
(12 hours aprox.)
To select this option please contact us, Rush Order fee may apply.
Some order needs to be placed before Lunch time EST. to meet the deadline.

Keep on mind that most orders take 1-2 business days processing

We are not liable for the Shipping option you select, Buyer assume all responsability of the option chosen. We recommend to use Express Mail, UPS or Fedex. please contact us for more details. If you choose First Class Mail or Priority Mail be aware that this is a cheap option but not the best if your package get lost or damage (2% cases).

click on change

once you click on the hyperlink you will be able to enter your zip-code or change you destination country. Click on update and total will be shown on the screen.

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Tracking Number

Every transaction paid through PayPal is record on you account, and extra information is updated on real time, so this way you will get noticed about your tracking number or label ID. you can check at anytime the status of your order online.

You may experience some delays from USPS with the information updated on your tracking number when refers to First Class Mail or Priority Mail. Orders send by Express Mail are more reliable on tracking information and delivery time accuracy

Please send us an e-mail if you do not have your tracking number available, sometimes we send orders manually and there's not public records available.



Our default carrier is USPS United States Postal Office.
If you want to use an other carrier such as UPS, Fedex or other please send us an e-mail before to submit you order.


International Orders

United States Postal Service (USPS):

  • Express Mail International - Delivers in 3-5 business days (Recommended)
  • Priority Mail International - Delivers in 6-10 business days
  • First Class Mail International (Standard Shipping)- 1-3 weeks

We recommend to use Express Mail to all International orders, be aware, that if you choose Priority Mail or First Class Mail your order may experience delays up to one month to get on their destination or may get lost on transit on the worst case.

We are not responsible for the package once the carrier has received, please contact your carrier and verify your tracking number daily.

If you want to use a reliable carrier (such as UPS or Fedex) please send e-mail before to submit you order.

One very popular question from our customers is:
Do you have any cheaper option to send my order?
We can send you order via First Class Mail with the U.S. Postal Service, this is a non reliable option and there is a high risk to get your decals lost during the transit, also it would take months to get to destination and worst case scenario, get lost or never get there. This is why we prefer to use a better reliable option even the ones we offer, just for been international will have a lower risk to get delays or lost expept on Express Mail that is tracked step by step and upgrade online continuesly.


Combine Orders

Yes you can combine orders, only if they are submitted same day and is subject to approval. Please send an e-mail with your request.

Unfortunately, we cannot combine orders as default. Each order has a specific reference number labeled on the package(s) and it creates unnecessary difficulty in keeping track of the orders. 


Shipping charges refunds:

Once the shipping label is printed to send you order, we do not refund shipping charges.


What do I do if my order is damaged during shipping?

Please notify us immediately of the damaged shipment. The first step would be to file a claim with your shipper. The next step would require the shipper to pickup the package for damage inspection. Once the inspection is verified and complete, a replacement of the damaged items will be shipped to the customer.  


Claims for lost and non delivered packages via First Class Mail or Priority Mail

This is what we hear from USPS when we file a claim for a lost package, we sorry but we can not be liable for the shipping option you have choose, if you need a reliable and trackable option, use Express Mail via USPS, UPS or Fedex.

Copy of email from USPS Response to your recent inquiry (Case ID XXXXXXXXXX)

Thank you for contacting us. I understand you are concerned about an item that has not been received, and would further information regarding its status.

When I checked the status of your label number, LJXXXXXXXXUS, the latest scan information I see is that your item was processed through our XXXXX, XX XXXXX facility on Month Day, Year at X:XX am, and is currently in transit to the destination.

I am sorry to hear that your item has not been delivered yet, and that no further information is available. I will be happy to help you understand why you cannot get the information you need and expected to see on this item.

First, please keep in mind that First Class Mail International (FCMI) and Priority Mail International (PMI) flat rate envelopes and small boxes offer an affordable mailing option, based on negotiated terms with over 190 countries. The negotiated terms do not require that these items be trackable. Nevertheless, for the convenience of our customer, we (United States Postal Service) will show 'Acceptance' of an item, but we may not capture all scans for an item in domestic locations. Sometimes, you might even see a scan when your item is sent to the departing International Service Center in the United States.

Please be aware that once the item leaves the U.S. it is turned over to the foreign postal administrators for customs clearance, processing and delivery in their country. However, the problem arises because other countries are not required to track them, per the negotiated terms, and most have chosen not to scan items with the 'L' customs label number. This makes it exceptionally difficult, if not impossible, to find them when they do not get delivered on time. For this reason, we cannot provide tracing or inquiries as part of the service. Your best option may be to have the recipient contact their customs or delivery office to inquire if the package has entered their country. First-Class Mail International delivery time varies and Priority Mail International has an estimated delivery time of 6-10 business days. Please be advised that these services do not offer a guaranteed delivery time.

For future reference, if you absolutely need to track your International Mail please consider using our Global Express Guaranteed or Express Mail International services. Delivery information is also available to most countries for 'C' series custom label numbers, which come with Priority Mail International services, with the exception of the small flat rate box and flat rate envelope.
I again apologize for the inconvenience and sincerely hope this information will help you understand how to get the most from your mailing experiences with us. I hope you have a nice day and thank you for choosing the United States Postal Service for your mailing and shipping needs. We appreciate your business.

Regards, Megan
eCustomerCare National USPS